Employee Assistance Programs

The goal of Best Life Counseling and Behavior Clinic’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is to provide personal care to the companies which we partner while enhancing their productivity and performance. Herein lies the basis of how an EAP can help your company.

Some of the greatest factors contributing to losses in workplace productivity include:

  • Alcohol addiction, drug abuse, depression, anxiety disorders, and other behavioral health conditions.
  • These afflictions prevent employees from working at full efficiency and cost employers billions of dollars in absenteeism, ‘presenteeism’, diminished capacity, and unnecessary health care costs.
  • Businesses lose an estimated $120 billion in employee productivity due to alcoholism and drug addiction – 42% of the $287 billion total loss from behavioral health problems.
  • 75% of adults reporting current illicit drug abuse are employed, full- or part-time.
  • In 1990, mental illness among workers cost employers $63 billion in reduced and lost productivity.
  • EAPs evolved from early internal Occupational Alcoholism Programs first implemented in the 1940s by large employers such as Dupont and Kennecott Copper.
  • EAPs proved valuable in responding to worker substance abuse and reducing rates of occupational accidents while improving employee productivity and a healthy return on investment in program costs.
  • EAPs have expanded their scope of services to a broad brush approach to employee concerns, and now address workplace violence, critical incidents, and other work/life areas such as eldercare, childcare, legal, and financial issues.
  • The predominant EAP service model has changed from an internal program to a network-based external vendor-delivered product, often paired with managed behavioral health care.


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